Recruitment of Faculty/Staff position in the School of Medicine


About us

The School of Medicine (SOM), Sun Yat-sen university (SYSU) is the core institution of SYSU Medicine in the newest Shenzhen campus. The school is devoted to excellence in teaching and research, with emphasis on the integration with the hospital in both educational and practical aspects. The school strives to become a training base for excellent medical talents, a high-level medical research innovation center and a discipline platform in support of world-class clinical medicine.

The school motto, “For truth and health”, is derived from the oath of SYSU medicine, “devoted to the cause of healing the soul and saving the nation”. The SOM inherits excellent medical tradition of over 150 years of SYSU medicine and combines it with the innovative culture of Shenzhen city, which advocates the pursuit of excellence, pioneering and innovation in science.

The school will focus on developing the following disciplines: infection and immunity, medical big data analysis, precision medicine, neuroscience, stem cell and regenerative medicine, tumor biology and metabolic diseases.


Positions and requirements

Faculty positions (professors and associate professors)

1. Leading talents

2. Outstanding young and middle-aged talents

3. Young academic faculty


Doctoral degree from renowned universities, inland or oversea;

Leading talents should have internationally recognized academic influence;

Outstanding young and middle-aged talents should have recognized academic achievement;

Young academic faculty should demonstrate great potential for development.


Staff positions (including postdocs)

1. Distinguished researcher and associate researcher


Doctoral degree;

Below the age of 38;

Outstanding researchers or postdocs with working experience in universities or research institutions, inland or oversea.

2. Post-doctoral

Requirements: doctoral degree;

Below the age of 35 and graduated not more than 3 years; with high level of academic and research capabilities.



The university and school offer competitive benefits that commensurate with the qualifications of the appointee.

1. For the faculty positions, the university will provide funding support for scientific research start-up package according to the existing conditions and actual needs of the discipline; competitive compensation and social insurance, medical, vacation and other benefits; relocation subsidies; the university policies’ favor to the faculty in terms of scientific research, office space, team recruitment, postgraduate enrollment and housing. Other benefits are negotiable.

2. For the staff positions, the university shall provide favorable salary, insurance, welfare and other benefits in accordance with relevant regulations of SYSU. The university sponsors the application for local residency upon request.

3. The university will provide additional subsidies for the faculty/staff members working in Shenzhen campus.


Instructions for application


1. Faculty position: please submit your academic resume, research plan and five representative publications to Please kindly specify the post of application.

2.Staff position: please email directly to the PI of recruitment team your resume (including study, working and research experience), list of main research achievements and research interests (1-2 pages). For the details of recruitment team, please visit our home page and


Contact information


Attendant: Ms. Hu


Tel: 020-83271560


Office of East Campus, School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, P.R.China

Zip code: 510080